The Art of Non-Doing

We come into a place between stories where there is emptiness. In that emptiness, there is something that has never been born before. We aren’t acting out of habit or patterns. We are truly gifted such a potent time to make shifts that are carving new pathways to brighter future. We are able to act from the essence of what arose in the emptiness. A future that is more aligned with our passions and our hearts. A life that represents our individuality from it’s core. … More The Art of Non-Doing

Permaculture Principle 7 – Patterns to Details

The more I stepped back and observed, the more I saw the bigger picture of the work that I was actually doing. It wasn’t about the specifics about the plant information or how to grow your own food (although it’s important.) It was about creating a space where others can come, connect, and learn from one another. A space where others could have real and genuine connection to one another and Mother Earth. I was able to see the class in a whole new light and perspective, allowing me to fully step into my place as the guide. … More Permaculture Principle 7 – Patterns to Details

Permaculture and Relationships

Permaculture is rooted in relationships. Our relationship to Earth, our community, our natural resources, our food, our local economy, and the web of life. Relationships are a vital resource that holds our livelihood together. Everything within Nature is interconnected and as we allow ourselves to live lives that are integrated into the webs of life, we experience the relationships that exist all around us. We live in a way that is holistic, whole-systems, and connected, rather than the Western lifestyle that is rooted in individualism, isolation, and competition. … More Permaculture and Relationships

Moving from Doubt to Trust

I was recently at the Florida permaculture convergence when one of my dearest friends came to me and said “Mandalynn… it’s so amazing to see where you are now. Remember this time last year? Remember how fearful you were to go out into the world and pursue your passions? Remember all of the doubt you faced?” I was hit with the memory of us sitting together on my porch a few weeks before I went to Kashi, anxiety flooding through my veins, rehearsing to him all of the things that could go wrong and not work out…. … More Moving from Doubt to Trust

Permaculture Principle 6 ~ Produce No Waste!

Month 6 of the permaculture principle challenge. Each month I feel I’m getting deeper insights into the lifestyle that I strive to live, as well as applying it internally to cultivate a healthier fertile soil within myself. As someone who tries to practice #zerowaste as much as I can, there were many moments I found … More Permaculture Principle 6 ~ Produce No Waste!

Is the Work I Do Actually Valuable?

Yesterday I guided six others in connecting back to our roots in Nature as a community through applied Ecopsychology practices. I can whole-heartedly and happily say I was reminded of why I do what I do. Why this work is so crucial and important for all of us. To take the time to actually be present and connect to the Earth that we care about, express vulnerably to one another what our experiences and realizations were, and feel supported in remembering we are one human family connected to this planet Earth, our home. But I’m going to be honest – I didn’t feel this way 15 minutes prior to the class or even when the class first started. … More Is the Work I Do Actually Valuable?

Permaculture Principle Challenge 5 – Use & Value Renewable Resources

Month 5 of the permaculture principle challenge! This one was extra fun and aligned perfectly with me returning back at Kashi. Over the months of summer traveling, car rides, airplanes, and staying at others homes, I was feeling guilty for how many non-renewable resources I was using. In our day-to-day lives the conversation of renewable resources isn’t typically brought up because it seems like something a bit out of our reach. We see it as an investment that we’re maybe not quite ready for or just accept that our current lifestyle “is the way it is.” I found that by arriving back at Kashi, these alternative technologies aren’t as far out of our reach as we think! … More Permaculture Principle Challenge 5 – Use & Value Renewable Resources

Apply Self-Regulation & Accept Feedback ~ Permaculture Principle 4

Self-regulation allows a space for us to be mindful during our process and open to making mistakes. Allowing the process to be perfectly imperfect. When we approach our designs or gardens with room for feedback, we are opening ourselves up to an intimate connection with our environment, our community, and our daily lives. It provides a space for us to be in communication with Earth, eliminating our illusion of separation. We tend to the garden and it responds and speaks to us. … More Apply Self-Regulation & Accept Feedback ~ Permaculture Principle 4

How Did I Get Here?

The thing is… I couldn’t have planned it. I didn’t even know how this would happen. Through the unfolding process, I have come to understand that the how is never our business. I set my intention for what I wanted my life to look like, not really having a clue on how to get there, and I pursued opportunities. I trusted the path, even at times when it was so unclear. When I look back, there were so many moments of fear, especially with leaving everything behind and not having a plan. We simply aren’t taught to trust. It’s something we either learn from our parents early on or we learn it on our own. … More How Did I Get Here?

My Growth Is Not Linear

I’m writing to say that my growth is not linear. The journey of spiritual growth and embodying our true essence is a daily practice. It ebbs and flows, rises and falls. We live within a society that is continuously accelerating and advancing at a rapid pace, but through this expansion we’ve overlooked many ways where we’ve created unhealthy patterns of pollution, environmental degradation, mindlessness, and social injustice. As we can see in our external landscape, this process is the farthest thing from natural. … More My Growth Is Not Linear