Observe & Interact – Permaculture Principle 1

This permaculture principle challenge was exactly what I needed this month… To take a step back from doing and just be. By doing this, I felt myself fully embracing the present moment – letting go of the memories or stories of the past and imaginary visions of the future. While it’s great to hold aspirations and dreams, it’s important not to create strong attachments to them and fully embrace where we are. I’ve found if we’re always looking for ways we can move ahead or what we could be doing next, we’ll never be satisfied with where we’re at now. Of course, there’s a balance! But it’s easy to hop onto the rat race production mentality train and find ourselves farther away from ourselves, Mother Earth, and our missions. Our lives are constantly evolving and changing at every second. Although we may make a plan, we truly don’t know how anything will unfold. In this month of implementing observing and interacting, I’ve been able to feel much more whole. I’ve noticed that I’ve provided time for me to fill up my personal cup.

When there was a break in my work schedule, I’ve been trying to just sit and be where I’m at – whether I’m sitting outside my tent, at the river, underneath the Australian pines, or mingling with the fruit trees. I have been finding that those moments are the moments that fill me up with inspiration. Those moments that I take to just be still, observe, and interact are what fuel my connect to Mother Earth. It creates depth to the work that I’m doing. It provides me with a sense of purpose and deepens my understanding of the importance of permaculture. Without taking that time, we are working with a system that we are disconnected with.

Many insights came up that I wouldn’t have expected. A major one for me was the realization of all of the expectations I put onto myself to share my experiences with others. It didn’t feel like I was experiencing it for myself anymore, but to share with others to help inspire them. When I was able to let go of that and just BE in my experience, I was able to gain insights and deeper understandings that flowed effortlessly.

Although these insights were mainly focused on my inner journey, I find that it’s just as important as the applications for the principle in our regenerative systems. By taking the time to just observe, I found that I wasn’t approaching a situation with assumptions or visions of how I wanted things to be. It provided space for me to take everything into account… the sun angles, water retention capability, plants adaptability for the area, etc… In that space I was able to see what would work best for that area by taking all aspects into account, rather than come into the space with already having something planned out. This would allow a holistic approach to creating a system that actually works with the land. I found it’s really about listening to what the needs and yields for that area are. We find ourselves tapping out of our mental spaces and diving more into the observer role. Then we’re able to move forward being centered, taking all aspects into account and having a deeper connection with the space we are working with.

With endless love,


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