Who Are You Showing Up As?

It seems these days the realms of permaculture, sustainability, regenerative, mindfulness, spirituality, new-age, and higher consciousness are on the rise. I’m not sure if it correlates with the evolution of my journey, but it seems it’s rapidly growing now more than ever. I suppose you could say it’s really trending. However, within these realms, are we truly taking the teachings and embodying them into our daily lives? Are we just talking the talk or truly walking the walk? Who are we showing up as?

For the past years of my life, I’ve been diving into the realm of permaculture, ecopsychology, earth-based thinking, mindfulness, higher consciousness, sustainability, spirituality, and cultivating a life that is aligned with my personal truths. Within this journey, I feel I’ve traveled to the depths of existence through the teachings, personal experiences, and my inner landscape. An important aspect of this journey has been community. As I’ve grown, I’ve gravitated towards those who are like-minded and typically align with my values.

Through pursuing community and cultivating rich relationships with others, I’ve learned very important lessons. The first one being, just because one is speaking of their involvement with these different aspects of life (i.e., permaculture, mindfulness, higher consciousness, ect.) does not mean that we are on the same wavelength. There are so many different scopes of the spectrum to where individuals stand in these perspectives. I’ve met many people that I’ve bonded with instantly from our common interests and perspectives, but I’ve also met others that I truly didn’t resonate with that are on this path. This has also gone into the romantic areas of my life where I’ve seen that I’m attracted to like-minded individuals, but I’ve learned it definitely goes beyond the common interests and perspectives… I started asking myself are these individuals actually embodying what they are preaching?

This allowed immense amounts of reflection for me. When I say immense, I mean laying myself out, unraveling all of who I am, and removing the inner weeds that weren’t serving my garden, and tending to the seedlings that I wanted to flourish. Who am I showing up as? I dove into all the different areas of my life that were unsustainable and mindless, allowing myself to be imperfect and flawed, and move forward.

I didn’t want to just talk about permaculture principles, I wanted to embody them. I didn’t want to just talk about my connection to Earth, I wanted to live it. I didn’t want to just talk about being a compassionate and loving person, I wanted to show up for the ones I loved and felt deeply connected to. I didn’t want to just talk about serving, I wanted to give back to Earth by pursuing a path aligned with her. I didn’t want to just talk about mindfulness, I wanted to be present in each moment that passes and be grateful for all of the blessings.

Am I respecting others by fully listening to what they have to say without interruption? Am I being compassionate by understanding their emotions are valid? Am I being considerate by going out of my way to let someone know they are appreciated? Am I lifting others up from my cup being full or bringing them down from my own insecurities? Am I still doing my work with the Earth, community, and myself even though no ones watching and I’m not sharing it? Am I being authentic in everything I’m doing? The list continues… and I wanted to say yes to all of these questions.

I’m not writing this in any means to toot my own horn for what I’ve embodied, although I am confident in walking my walk and know it’s a continuous evolution. I’m writing this to shed light on our full authentic selves. Are we truly embodying everything that we are preaching? I believe that if we actually embody our authentic selves, it will create ripples of change around us.

I invite you to take some time to really reflect on this.

Write down everything that you feel is you identify with, all of your perspectives and beliefs that make up who you are. For example, how you spend your time, how you are in relationships, how you view others and yourself, the way you interact with the world, what you do when you face your fears and insecurities, how do you show up for your community? Then write down the ways you feel you incorporate them into your life. What ways have you not incorporated them into your life? This takes diving into your shadow side, accepting yourself just as you are, and be willing to evolve. This honesty takes some serious vulnerability, but it’s the inner work that reflects in every aspect of our external reality.

Here’s to taking the courage to show up authentically and being REAL with ourselves! We’ve got this soul fam!

I love you and I support you infinitely,


2 thoughts on “Who Are You Showing Up As?

  1. This is amazing! Read it for my morning affirmations, as I’m confident anything of yours will be good for my soul, any time of the day. I love you so much, Mandalynn, thank you for taking the time to dive deeply into this subject. I’m showing up more every day. ❤️ So impressed by this.


    1. I love you, Amy! thank you for your support always. you are someone who truly embodies what they preach and I am grateful to have you as a sister. keep shining your bright light ✨🙏🏼


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