Is the Work I Do Actually Valuable?

Yesterday I guided six others in connecting back to our roots in Nature as a community through applied Ecopsychology practices. I can whole-heartedly and happily say I was reminded of why I do what I do. Why this work is so crucial and important for all of us. To take the time to actually be present and connect to the Earth that we care about, express vulnerably to one another what our experiences and realizations were, and feel supported in remembering we are one human family connected to this planet Earth, our home. But I’m going to be honest – I didn’t feel this way 15 minutes prior to the class or even when the class first started.

Prior to us meeting, I faced thoughts of feeling like the work that I do isn’t valuable. Maybe people would rather go to an informative class rather than come and connect to Nature. Maybe others just place this work in the “woo-woo” category and don’t think it’s important for their wellbeing. Do people actually care and what will the responses be? What if they aren’t receptive to any of it? Do I even know what I’m talking about?

I sat there questioning if what I’m doing is actually making a difference. Conditioned stories arose as I watched them pass by… Starring off at the trees and having thoughts like “maybe I’m thinking this is more valuable than it actually is… maybe it is just some ‘new age hippie bullshit’ that I’m trying to justify has meaning.” I decided to put on my game face, give myself some positive affirmations, reach out to my partner for some words of encouragement, and move forward with the class.

In the first Nature connection activity, I laid underneath an oak tree, allowing the stories to slowly fade away. I began to remember how healing and connecting these activities have been for me throughout my journey. I remembered they have completely shaped me into the being I am today. In that moment, I remembered that I value this work and that is enough. That just me being ME and sharing my passion IS enough.

What is my truth? What do I value? Mother Earth longs to connect with us, as our souls long to connect with her. It’s where we’ve come from and have deeply forgotten our roots. They didn’t grow out of concrete. For her, I fully stand. For her, I will continue to show up.

When I decided to show up fully valuing the work that I do, nothing could meet those forces. Even if someone didn’t value the work that I did (which in our society, that’s mainly the majority!), it didn’t shift anything within me because I knew the value. That value is my truth and my personal medicine. There are always going to be others who judge us, aren’t supportive of our paths or work, and are skeptical of what we are bringing to the table. It’s up to us to fully stand in knowing our value and the value of our work.

Leslie using her senses to connect to the environment around her.

I felt the group around me shift. Hearts opened as each individual shared their experience. Relationships started to blossom and poems of connection were shared amongst the group. Trusting bonds were unfolding from best friends to other who just met. I saw the work unfolding in front of my eyes. I saw the power of the space being held. I saw the magic light up in everyone’s eyes as they began to immerse themselves in their home. I saw my purpose. I saw my path. I saw the value in everything that I’ve done…

I felt her resonance in the warm glistening light on the water. I felt her gratitude in the birds singing their songs. My heart was so full, I could seriously explode.

I hope to share this process with you so you can feel supported in times of doubt or lack of self-worth. It’s truly just a story that we’ve been conditioned to believe. If you are sharing your passion with the world, no matter what it is, it’s valuable and deserves to be shared. You may never know who you are going to affect or impact, but when you show up, the people who are seeking and needing it will come. I was reminded to trust in myself, trust in my value, and trust my inner knowing.

Thank you beautiful one, for being on this journey with me,


2 thoughts on “Is the Work I Do Actually Valuable?

  1. This was an awesome experience and I enjoyed every minute being a part of it. The moment with the most impact in this experience was the sharing of our individual experiences during the activity. Learning how deeply each person was affected was heartwarming and fueled the validity of bringing people into the space. It’s incredible to see nature as an extension of ourselves and have the opportunity to deeply connect with it.


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