Permaculture Principle 6 ~ Produce No Waste!

Month 6 of the permaculture principle challenge. Each month I feel I’m getting deeper insights into the lifestyle that I strive to live, as well as applying it internally to cultivate a healthier fertile soil within myself.

As someone who tries to practice #zerowaste as much as I can, there were many moments I found myself saying, “I don’t have time for this…” when it came to foraging food from the land and preparing it for myself…

But what’s more important than my health and the health of the planet?

How is it that I put these core values on the back burner because I’ve prioritized something other than myself? 

Our minds get into productivity mode – filling up our lists with all of our tasks – we’re so busy that we grip for convenience, putting ecosystems, our oceans, and our very precious planet that endlessly provides for us on the back burner, and lastly neglecting our individual health and well-being. The way we treat our bodies is a direct reflection of how we treat Earth.

This challenge really made me value and re-assess my priorities. How can I prepare and design my day so I’m eating wholesome foods, creating things or repurposing rather than buying, and embodying living in a closed-loop system?

I am in no way perfect!!! But, I honor that. I feel in my heart that I’m trying my best, learning and growing every day on how I can do better.

The least amount of waste we create, the healthier and nourishing our food is, the more creative and nourishing our medicines are, and the more we can see that we are a part of our environment and ecosystem.

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