Permaculture and Relationships

Permaculture is rooted in relationships. Our relationship to Earth, our community, our natural resources, our food, our local economy, and the web of life. Relationships are a vital resource that holds our livelihood together. Everything within Nature is interconnected and as we allow ourselves to live lives that are integrated into the webs of life, we experience the relationships that exist all around us. We live in a way that is holistic, whole-systems, and connected, rather than the Western lifestyle that is rooted in individualism, isolation, and competition. … More Permaculture and Relationships

Who Are You Showing Up As?

It seems these days the realms of permaculture, sustainability, regenerative, mindfulness, spirituality, new-age, and higher consciousness are on the rise. I’m not sure if it correlates with the evolution of my journey, but it seems it’s rapidly growing now more than ever. I suppose you could say it’s really trending. However, within these realms, are we truly taking the teachings and embodying them into our daily lives? Are we just talking the talk or truly walking the walk? Who are we showing up as? … More Who Are You Showing Up As?

Catch & Store Energy – Permaculture Principle 2

This past month I’ve really been capturing the abundance of energy (i.e., radiant sunlight, powerful waves, cleansing waterfalls, food from the land, loving community, blessings from the aina, ancestral knowledge) and storing it within myself. Taking the time to really sit with it and integrate it into my life. I took on a journaling project, … More Catch & Store Energy – Permaculture Principle 2

Observe & Interact – Permaculture Principle 1

This permaculture principle challenge was exactly what I needed this month… To take a step back from doing and just be. By doing this, I felt myself fully embracing the present moment – letting go of the memories or stories of the past and imaginary visions of the future. While it’s great to hold aspirations … More Observe & Interact – Permaculture Principle 1