Who Are You Showing Up As?

It seems these days the realms of permaculture, sustainability, regenerative, mindfulness, spirituality, new-age, and higher consciousness are on the rise. I’m not sure if it correlates with the evolution of my journey, but it seems it’s rapidly growing now more than ever. I suppose you could say it’s really trending. However, within these realms, are we truly taking the teachings and embodying them into our daily lives? Are we just talking the talk or truly walking the walk? Who are we showing up as? … More Who Are You Showing Up As?

Catch & Store Energy – Permaculture Principle 2

This past month I’ve really been capturing the abundance of energy (i.e., radiant sunlight, powerful waves, cleansing waterfalls, food from the land, loving community, blessings from the aina, ancestral knowledge) and storing it within myself. Taking the time to really sit with it and integrate it into my life. I took on a journaling project, … More Catch & Store Energy – Permaculture Principle 2

Standing with Mauna Kea

As many of you may know, Hawaiians are fighting for their right to protect Mauna Kea, the mountain they view most sacred to them as it allowed them to connect to the heavens. They are protecting it from a thirteen-meter (18 stories) telescope (TNT) to be built at the top. Their desires are to look out into galaxies formed at the beginning of time. Although this may not seem like a great deal to some, the Hawaiians have been fighting to keep their land sacred since the beginning of colonization. Their oceans are being polluted, their crops are being poisoned, and the precious beaches have turned into sky risers where people can come to vacation. Their culture continues to fade away as tourism culture grows. Mauna Kea is incredibly sacred to the Hawaiians, a temple where they have gathered to pray and honor their ancestors, as well as preserved burial sites. However, this movement goes beyond protecting a mountain or a telescope. This is the movement of Hawaiian sovereignty. I feel honored and inspired to share my experience of participating in this fight that was entirely fueled by ancestral wisdom and aloha spirit. … More Standing with Mauna Kea

Observe & Interact – Permaculture Principle 1

This permaculture principle challenge was exactly what I needed this month… To take a step back from doing and just be. By doing this, I felt myself fully embracing the present moment – letting go of the memories or stories of the past and imaginary visions of the future. While it’s great to hold aspirations … More Observe & Interact – Permaculture Principle 1

A Path Worth More Than Money

Lately I’ve been noticing feelings arise when the conversation around money comes up. Partly frustrated, confused, and saddened. It started when I was really looking forward to seeing my grandmother and updating her on where I’m at in my journey. Learning and teaching about permaculture daily, traveling to dive deeper into my connection with myself, Mother Earth, and community, moving into an off-grid tiny house, being connected to a spiritual Ashram, and pursuing a career in permaculture design. If you know me, you know these are the dreams that I’ve talked about wanting to manifest for a while! I excitedly updated her on all of my endeavors as she took a pause and asked “But are you making money from any of this?” My heart sank and frustration started to build as I was faced with a reality that reflected the perspectives of our culture. … More A Path Worth More Than Money

Permaculture Principles Challenge

To fully understand and implement these principles into my own life, I decided to come up with a year-long challenge! With there being twelve permaculture principles, I wanted to focus on one each month and implement it into my daily life. In this challenge, I aim to start from the inner landscape and work my way outwards. I want to design my life in ways that are sustainable and regenerative towards the Earth. I believe the inner work is just as important as the outer work, as our external reality becomes a reflection of our internal state. My hopes are to gain a deeper understanding of permaculture and a more whole-systems perspective, as well as share my insights and inspire ways we can strive to live more connected to our environment and one another. … More Permaculture Principles Challenge

Why I Chose to Live in My Tent…

I was at a point in my life where I felt such a deep calling to explore my personal journey. I had so many inspirations, ideas, and passions that I wanted to pursue, but found myself trapped in the rat race, unsure of how to create the life that I envisioned myself living. I found myself feeling very dissatisfied with the life I was living and that all of my passions were just out of my reach. I wasn’t living sustainably and felt disconnected from nature, where I felt like I truly belonged. I kept envisioning myself living a life that gave back to the planet. A life where I wasn’t degrading the Earth, including all living beings, by each daily decision I made. I couldn’t accept the excuse that this was just the way things were. Yes, I was preaching daily about sustainability, permaculture, and consciousness, while trying to embody it the best I could in our current mindless consumerist society, but I wasn’t fully aligning with what I was preaching. Every day I knew I was trying my best, but I also knew a brighter reality lived just around the corner. … More Why I Chose to Live in My Tent…

Carving a Path for Yourself

It seems that through many conversations and experiences I’ve had with others sharing their journeys, there are so many of us that are carving our own way. We see the affects of people following what they thought was happiness, but realized they were working towards someone else’s dream. We will finally come to a place of accomplishment and satisfaction when we retire… we just need to work 40 hours or more a week to get there. We find ourselves in the system of working to live, rather than living to work our own passions or dreams. It seems we can never catch a break because we’re always working towards different monetary goals. We work to get money to pay for a vacation to enjoy our lives… Isn’t that a bit backwards? Shouldn’t we be adjusting our lives to actually live in our passions and do what we love? … More Carving a Path for Yourself